Saturday, July 4, 2009

Toorcamp Top Ten Things

I was very proud to both attend and be given the privilege of speaking at the inaugural hacker camp for the USA. I'm sure in years to come, Toorcamp will only grow bigger and bigger. I know there were a lot of logistical problems, but I think the staff battled with them brilliantly.

Here are my top ten moments, in no particular order:
  1. The raising of the pirate mast at HBL.
  2. Meeting lots of cool people and their cool vehicles.
  3. Finally meeting Leigh F2F. She's even more interesting and intelligent in person. My only disappointment was her hair was a normal hue (job hunting, she said). No matter her hair, I know she'll soon land in a great job.
  4. Touring the missile silo!
  5. Mudsplatter's drunken talk on messing with people's heads. Worthy of the best stand up comedy, and despite my best efforts, I learned something.
  6. Willow's ignite talk on parkour. It met my criteria of learning something unexpectedly new and interesting. I also found elements of parkour similar to what I'd learned when I studied Aikido.
  7. Giving my talk and having it pretty well received.
  8. and their silly publicity antics, including that emo concert which I'm sorry I missed (not).
  9. The friendliness, intelligence, and creativity of all the folks who were gracious enough to share their booze and time with me.
  10. Finally getting home and washing off all the cursed ash.